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Modern Villa


Pricing is based on the number of bedrooms and sq footage of the home.

Larger property pricing varies and is subject to the discretion of the home inspector.

Pricing below is an estimate and may vary depending on property size.

Please contact us with your property address for accurate pricing.

Single Family Home | Townhouse 

2 Bedroom $450

3 Bedroom $495

4 Bedroom $560+

5 Bedroom $610+

Multi-Family Home

2 Family $655

3 Family $710


1/2 Bedroom $400

3 Bedroom $435

4 Bedroom $460+

5 Bedroom $535+

Radon Testing

Radon test with inspection $125

Stand alone radon test $150

Click to learn more about Radon testing and the risks it can cause.

Pricing: Selling Process
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